Design patterns like no other

Making eye-catching patterns is an art.

The truth is, even the best artists need the right tools. Repper takes care of the technical details, so you can focus fully on the creative.

It's a bit like magic — see it for yourself:

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Anything goes with patterns

Wallpaper, coloring books, fashion, packaging, invitations, bed sheets, posters, wrapping paper...

What do you make with patterns?

Endless possibilities at your fingertips

You can create a wealth of patterns from any image. Simply pick a tiling and move the selection to start exploring.

Built-in effects help you achieve unique styles like duotone and dot screen.

How it works

The magic ingredient of makers

Thousands of people use Repper in their creative work, professional and hobbyist alike.

Amarylis Hobin
Summer dress
Liana Nigri
Origami workshop
Becka Rahn
Silk scarf
Ellen Meiselman
Portrait of Claire Maunsell
"Fabulous, useful, totally fun and mesmerizing."
Claire Maunsell
Polymer artist
Portrait of Meriadne Merlin
"In my opinion the most detailed and best working pattern generator."
Meriadne Merlin
Second Life teacher in texture making

We are pattern geeks like you

Hi, we're Studio Ludens 👋

We believe great tools multiply your creativity, so we develop software that does just that.

— Wouter & Alex

Ever better with your support

If we may say so ourselves, Repper is already pretty awesome. And this is just the beginning: we have many exciting things in the pipeline. We are a small self-funded company and your support makes ongoing development possible.

Curious? Find out more about the latest updates and why we are membership-based.

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