Frequently asked questions

How does Repper store my projects?

All your projects are safely stored "in the cloud". What that really means, is that we are using Google Firebase services to store your data securely on servers in Western Europe. You don't have to worry about project files; whenever you open the app in your browser, your projects will be there. When you finalize a pattern, simply export it and it's a file on your computer.

Why is Repper an online app?

We are continuously improving Repper, adding new features and finetuning the existing ones. With most software you have to wait until the next (paid) upgrade—we want you to always have the latest and greatest. What's more, this means we can quickly make improvements based on feedback we get from our users.

Why is Repper membership-based?

There are not one, but many reasons. The main takeaway is: as a small self-funded company, this is how we can offer you a high-quality product that keeps on getting better. Want to know more? Check the Why membership page .

Do I need to a plan for each device?

Definitely not. You can access the app and your work from any computer; you just need a user account and choose your preferred membership plan. You can start with a 14-day free trial before you buy, no strings attached.

I purchased the old Repper and need support.

We've got you covered. Contact us at

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