Packed with power for pattern designers

Ideate faster, get more results

Designing geometric patterns means constantly switching between a technical and creative mindset.

Repper removes this friction by taking care of the pattern construction.

A tiling for every occasion

Repper includes all classic wallpaper groups, which have inspired artists for millennia. We are also regularly adding new tilings to tickle your imagination.

Wallpaper groups
Advanced tilings
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Penrose Diamond

Would you like to break the pattern? Meet the Penrose tiling, which strike a fine balance between repetition and variation.

Invented by Sir Roger Penrose, it is now available to you without a professorship in mathematics.

Effects to mix and match

Need to tweak the colors? You can do that right in Repper. Combine them for even more variety.

No effects
Black & White
Effect highlight


The enchanting transformations of this effect will add a whole new dimension to your patterns.

High resolution export

No surface too large

Want to cover a poster or even a wall? No problem. Export up to 35,000 × 35,000 pixels — a gigapixel!

Bitmap and vector support

Works with pixels and paths

No matter if you prefer designing in bitmap or vector, Repper can work with it.

Edge blending

A little edgy? No problem.

Fuse the edges of seamed tilings together. Perfect for photographic patterns where you want to avoid mirroring.


Capture now, export later

One-click snapshots keep you in the flow when you are on pattern safari. Store them until it is time to select, tweak and export.


Keep it organized

Projects bring method to the creative madness. Creative madness? Give Repper a go and you will know what we mean!

Image search

Always an image at hand

It's not necessary to start with your own material. Choose from a million photos from Unsplash, free to use for hobby and commercial alike.

Access from anywhere

Repper runs in the browser — no installation required.

With automatic sync and backup to your account, you can work on your patterns from anywhere: home, office or on the go.

Help centre & support

Support is just a click away

Need some help getting started or ran into an issue? Check out our comprehensive Help Centre, or contact us directly.

We are always happy to help you!

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