Unleash the power of patterns with magical ease

Like a treasure hunt (with endless treasures)

Repper automates the manual process of pattern making, so you can focus on the creative part. It can make advanced tilings that are near-impossible by hand.

As one user put it:
"After trying to make patterns in Photoshop, Repper felt like taking off on a rocket!".

A tiling for every occasion

With 30 unique tilings, there is always another angle to explore.
These patterns all come from a single image!

Save on the fly, export later

One-click snapshots keep you in the flow when you are pattern hunting. They are neatly stored until it is time to select, tweak and export.

Effects made to mix and match

Style your patterns with neat effects that play nice together: duotone, halftone, distortions and more.

No effects
Black & white
Duotone & halftone

Keep it organized

Projects bring method to the creative madness. Creative madness? Give Repper a go and you will know what we mean!

One account, any device

Repper runs in any modern browser, no installation required.

With projects automatically synced to cloud account, you can pick up where you left off from any computer or tablet.

Discover pattern paradise

It's so much fun — give it a go!

Create a pattern
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