Repper Pattern Library – License

This license applies to all pattern collections and their individual patterns in the Repper Pattern Library (referred to here as "Pattern or Collection"):

  • You are welcome to use any Pattern or Collection for personal and commercial uses, but limited by the rules stated below.
  • The right to commercial use is granted to derivatives, compositions or remixes that include a Pattern or Collection. These new works of art can be sold as either digital assets or be used in the production of physical products.
    Derivative work means it is substantially different from the original through creative action.
  • You are not allowed to state or imply that you made or own a Pattern or Collection.
    You are allowed to claim derivatives or compositions made using these patterns as your own, assuming they are sufficiently different from the original material.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute a Pattern or Collection via other websites, services, or other digital means.
    If you want to help to get the word out about these patterns, please link directly to this website.
  • Under no condition are you allowed to charge others money for access to these digital assets.
    They are meant to be available for everyone to use free of charge.
  • We are careful to only make patterns available that we believe are derived from source images that are either out of copyright or where the copyright has been waived by the rightful owner.
    However, if a link to the original source is provided, it is your responsibility to ensure it is OK to use in your country, suitable for your application and does not infringe any rights.

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