Create beautiful geometric patterns seamlessly

Building repeat patterns is tricky and tedious.
There is a better way.

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This is the secret ingredient

Make patterns without worrying about the technical details.
Repper offers dozens of tiling options with endless variety.

Live preview

Instant feedback while you design: the pattern always in front of you.

Always a perfect fit

Repper handles the repetitive work for you with pixel-perfect precision.

Antidote for creative block

Never stare at an empty page, treasures around every corner.

Portrait of Madeleine Bengtsson
"I love the playfulness in Repper.
The path from start to reward is short and satisfying."
Madeleine Bengtsson
Pattern designer and color freak

See your style in a new perspective

Geometry is so much more than circles and squares.
It's a versatile ingredient that can transform any style—yours too.


Turn artwork into whole collections

Start with a single image and build a library of patterns from it, all neatly fitting together.

Portrait of Nic Squirrell
"A fabulous way to make tiling patterns from artwork you already have."
Nic Squirrell
Surface pattern designer

Works with bitmap & vector

Do you prefer painterly brushes or clean strokes?
Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Customer showcase

Layering patterns in fashion

Liana Nigri uses Repper to turn her artwork into patterns. She then skillfully combines artwork and pattern into gorgeous outfits for fashion label Oh Boy.

Portrait of Liana Nigri
"Repper is super helpful to create different patterns within the same family of style."
Liana Nigri
Fashion designer

Power to the pattern

We're probably preaching to the choir here, but geometric patterns make any surface look great. How will you use them?

Portrait of Veronica Galbraith
"I love creating different layouts in seconds. Perfect for jump-starting those days when your muse has gone on holiday!"
Veronica Galbraith
Surface pattern designer

More than just a nifty pattern maker

Access from anywhere

Runs in the browser, so no need to install or run updates.

Auto sync and backup

Computer, home laptop or tablet:
always have the latest work available and backed up.

Always the latest updates

Don’t wait and pay for major updates.
 Membership gives you instant access to new features every month.

Hi fellow pattern geek!

We created Repper because we believe you can never have too many patterns.

We are a small self-funded company. There are many exciting new features in the pipeline and your support makes ongoing development possible.

— Wouter & Alexander

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