People make beautiful things with Repper

Madeleine uses patterns in


Portrait of Madeleine Bengtsson
"I love the playfulness in Repper. The path from start to reward is short and satisfying."
Madeleine Bengtsson
Pattern designer and color freak
Liana uses patterns in


Portrait of Liana Nigri
"Repper is super helpful to create different patterns within the same family of style."
Liana Nigri
Fashion designer
Tania uses patterns in

Coloring books

Portrait of Tania Yager
"I've made all colouring books in the 'For My' series using Repper."
Tania Yager
Coloring book artist
Erica uses patterns in


Portrait of Erica Lindberg
"Repper allows my students to create brilliant patterns from their own work in record time."
Erica Lindberg
Artist and workshop organizer
Adrian uses patterns in


Portrait of Adrian Mirel
"I create new patterns from traditional Romanian motifs, print them on leggings and sell via Shopify."
Adrian Mirel
Urban Kiz instructor
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