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New this month

An Ode to Escher

We are huge fans of our fellow Dutch artist. This new effect is inspired by and named after his famous artwork Metamorphosis.

It opens up a whole new kind of mind-bending patterns for you to explore. Try it out

New this month

Better graphics card support

Some graphics cards on Windows were not playing nicely with the modern web technology we're using. With a bit of code magic, we are now supporting those integrated cards as well.

Coming up
Next month

Fresh new tilings

Repper has all the classic tilings, as well as some you probably haven't seen before. We're working on making more of those, so you can create unique new kinds of patterns.

Curious where we get our inspiration from? For one, travels to the architectural wonders of the Middle East!

In concept stage

Stand on the shoulders of artistic giants

Picasso famously said "Good artists copy, great artists steal". Obviously, you shouldn't use artwork without permission, but there is a growing artist movement remixing works covered by creative commons or in the public domain.

Here's what we're thinking: what if you could browse and pick images from the public domain, right from within Repper? Museums are digitizing illustrations and paintings by the thousands. Why not give them a new life as patterns?

What would you like to see next?

We have a ton of ideas, but most of all we want to build whatever excites YOU.

Have a wish, an idea, a burning desire? Don't keep it to yourself—let us know!

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