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This month

Smarter sample selector

The original sample selector worked fine, but wasn't always easy to spot on busier source images. With this revamp, you'll also know exactly what part of the source image you've selected!

Oct 2023
New feature

Mark your favorites

Got trouble keeping an overview in your collections? Mark your favorites to easily filter, select, and export them!

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Aug 2023
New tiling

Echo Honeycomb

The Honeycomb tiling is one of our most popular tilings — a real classic. This variation gives it a new dimension similar to our other Echo tilings.

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July 2023
New tiling


A flower-like tiling where you control the number of the petals. Its circular design gives you a whole new range of pattern possibilities.

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New tiling

Circle Saw

The sister of the new Bloom tiling, this one is not seamless, giving it a distinct edgy look. It requires a bit more practice, but it will be worth the results!

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Jun 2023
New tiling

Persian Star

This new tiling, inspired by the mesmerizing mosaic patterns found in Islamic art, offers a visually stunning experience.

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May 2023
New feature

Borders effect

This tiling breaks regularity with lots of exciting angles and shapes. It is perfect for large area fills and has a more diverse, almost organic look.

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Feb 2023
New tiling

High five

This tiling breaks regularity with lots of exciting angles and shapes. It is perfect for large area fills and has a more diverse, almost organic look.

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Jan 2023

Extended dream mode

Many of our users love chilling out with our automatic dream mode. We've now added options to control the speed, tilings, and more!

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Nov 2022
3D model

T-shirt for women

You could already view your pattern on a men's t-shirt, but why not a women's? Now you can!

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3D model

Stacks of cushions

As the cushion is our most popular 3D model, we've added no less than 4 new options, including multiple cushions in a pile.

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August 2022

Collection management

Get a better view of your collections, sort your patterns and select your favourites. An essential update for those who love making LOTS of patterns.

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Search collections

Got trouble finding one of your many collections? No worries, now you can search for it (by name or tag).

March 2022
3D feature

Smart backdrop

Get a backdrop perfectly suited to your pattern design — automagically with a single click.

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December 2021
3D model

Mug & cup

Mugs and cups are massively popular print-on-demand products. You can now preview your patterns on them on the fly.

3D model


Leggings are perfect for full-bleed pattern prints and a favourite among print-on-demand creators.

New tiling

Half brick

By popular request, we've added the half-brick pattern. Comes as both a horizontal and vertical variant.

November 2021
3D preview

Live preview on product

Curious to see how your pattern will look in real life? You no longer need to wait until production time, because you can now get a live 3d preview in the app.

Even better: you can export these 3D previews to showcase your work.

July 2021
Vector support

Scalable vector graphics

It was our no.1 feature request, we've worked on it for over a year, and now it's finally here: vector support!

It's still in beta, so we look forward to your feedback and ask for your patience while we implement all tilings. Learn about it on the Help Centre.

April 2021
New feature

Exact repeats

With the new aspect ratio lock, you can export surface patterns with an exact amount of repeats.

Beyond handy, it allows for new kind of creative possibilities. Read more

March 2021
Design update

Simpler interface, more possibilities

We've given the app a makeover! The same familiar features in a simpler layout with more room to design.

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December 2020
New tiling

Echo Tartan

Echo Tartan is a sibling of the new Echo Tile. It looks akin to a weaving pattern and comes with packed with diagonal repeats (you decide how many!)

Read the blogpost learn how it works.

New tiling

Echo Tile

Imagine you take a wall tile and on top of repeating the tile, you repeat the tile inwards... That's the new Echo Tile!

Read the blogpost for more details.

October 2020
New effect

Circular metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis effect is our most popular, so we've extended it with a new form: circular.

It transforms your pattern from the center outward, creating a beautifully balanced, mandala-like result.

September 2020
New effect

Monotone isn't boring

We can all use a little simplicity in our lives. The new Monotone effect comes with three ways to style your pattern in a single color.

New effect

Recolor with tritone

When Monotone or Duotone aren't enough, Tritone might just be what you're looking for. Choose from the tasty presets or create your own combination.

Bonus feature: Invert the color scheme in one click.

June 2020
New tiling

Diamond Penrose

Best of both worlds: the intricacy of a Penrose tiling now comes in seamless form as well.

The Penrose is a special kind of tiling called non-periodic. Curious what it means? Learn more.

Nifty feature

A better tiling overview

With so many tilings to choose from, it can be hard to keep an overview.

The tiling selector is now nicely structured, making your favorites easier to find.

May 2020
New effect

Color editing

Need to tweak the colors of your pattern a bit? You no longer need to head over the Photoshop!

Adjusting colors also helps you get more out of other effects, like boosting Duo Tone.

For Pro members

Extra large exports

Our standard export is up to 5,000 × 5,000 pixels and suits most purposes. But what if you produce large posters, wallpapers or murals?

Pro members can now export patterns up to 35,000 × 35,000 pixels — that's a gigapixel!

March 2020

Built-in image search

Sharing is part of the internet's DNA. Many people these days are making their artworks available for others to use and remix.

Repper now has built-in image search, powered by Unsplash. This gives you instant access to a million photos to create patterns from, free to use for hobby and commercial projects alike.

February 2020
Nifty feature

Blend sharp edges

The non-seamless tilings have a distinct look. Sometimes that's what you want, but sometimes you'd wish these sharp tilings looks a little... softer and more seamless.

We've now added edge blending to six of edged tilings, and it give them a whole new dimension. Learn more about it in our help article.

Nifty feature

Mirror metamorphosis

Last October, we released the popular metamophoris effect. Now you can mirror the effect horizontally and vertically to create a beautiful look that is simultanously dynamic and balanced.

Technical improvement

Better sampling performance

Changing the sample selection is one of the most common actions in Repper. We have made the selector a whole lot faster, which should especially benefit less powerful computers and tablets.

January 2019
New tiling

Cross Weave

This tiling is a playful combination of three parts seamlessly woven together. We've designed it ourselves, so it's unlikely you'll find it anywhere else!

December 2019

Help Centre launched

We design our software assuming you don't want to read a manual, but we made one just in case.

The newly launched Help Centre contains an overview of all features in the app, as well as some inspiration on how to make the most of Repper.

November 2019
New tiling

Cross Brick

The classic tilings can get a bit... repetitive. That's why we are always looking for new dynamic tilings.

We've named this one Cross Brick: it's a made up of two different Cross tilings (P4M) and has an half-brick offset to make them seamless.

New tiling

Cross Facade

This tiling combines a Cross (P4M) and a Facade (PMM) pattern into a new seamless pattern.

The Half brick option lets you switch to an alternative cross pattern, making it effectively two tilings in one!

Handy addition

Export snapshots to ZIP

If you have used the Export All Snapshots option before, you may have noticed browsers don't really like downloading many files at once.

From now on, when you export all snapshots at once, they will be downloaded as a single ZIP file. Happy browser, happy pattern designer 😄

October 2019
New effect


We are huge fans of our fellow Dutch artist. This new effect is inspired by and named after his famous artwork Metamorphosis.

It opens up a whole new kind of mind-bending patterns for you to explore.

Technical improvement

Better graphics card support

Some graphics cards on Windows were not playing nicely with the modern web technology we're using. With a bit of code magic, we are now supporting those integrated cards as well.

September 2019
New tiling

Tiling with a twist

Cairo is a flexible tiling in the truest sense of the word. You can keep it straight, bend it a little or go full zigzag. With this classic wallpaper look, we're sure you'll find lots of great uses for it.

Improved effect

A more realistic halftone

Once a technical limitation, these days halftone is a stylistic choice that looks great with minimalistic patterns. Through some code wizardry, the effect now looks exactly like the real thing.

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