Creative rocket fuel for pattern designers

Turn your design into a collection

One is the loniest number, that’s why patterns like to come in sets.

With Repper you quickly create a range of patterns from any image, perfectly fitting its colour and style.

Based entirely on above image — Created in a single session

Portrait of Liana Nigri
"Repper is super helpful to create different patterns within the same family of style."
Liana Nigri
Fashion designer

Unique geometric patterns

Go beyond the classic tilings and explore the riches of geometry. Repper takes care of all the technicalities, so you can focus on the creative part.

Penrose tiling
Metamorphosis effect

☝️By the way, still based on the same image!

Say goodbye to creative block

We all know those days of daunting blank pages. Unlike Illustrator and such, we don't leave you hanging.

Repper doesn't require a predetermined plan: just dive in, go discover and find the beauty within.

Portrait of Madeleine Bengtsson
"I love the playfulness in Repper. The path from start to reward is short and satisfying."
Madeleine Bengtsson
Pattern designer

Let's make some patterns!

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